Thursday, July 20, 2006

The spider has landed

It was a dark and stormy night when I was working on my computer and noticed a small spider rappelling down from the ceiling on his tiny spider thread over my monitor. He stopped just short, and carefully touched one leg to the top of it. Then he turned around and climbed back up his thread to the ceiling.

About 10 minutes later this same spider (I presume) was coming back down, this time about a foot to the right, over my floppy drive case (this was waaaayyyyy back when floppy drives were separate peripherals). Again he stopped just short and tested the surface with one foot. And again, he scrambled all the way back up to the ceiling.

OK, 10 more minutes later, the same thing except now he's coming down in the small desk space between my monitor and my floppy drive. Again he stops just short and tests the desktop with one foot. "Just right", he decides. He disembarks from the invisible thread and then runs off down the back of my desk.

Mission accomplished I guess.

The picture above is not of any of my personal spiders. It's from a study comparing normal spiders and coffee-drinking spiders. No mention of what the spiders discussed over their coffee or if they had a side-order of flies to go with it.

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