Friday, July 14, 2006

All they're really going to get

I don't know why reporters go to Presidential news conferences anymore. They don't get answers to their questions, they just get "talking points" replayed to them. Not that the reporters have asked any good questions for a long time.

Every time George W. Bush opens his mouth I hear Floyd R. Turbo. In fact, I'm beginning to think Johnny Carson isn't really dead. Floyd R. Turbo seemed like heavy-handed comedy in the 70's, but today he sounds like standard Republican talking points.


Just saw this bit in a CNN article about a new poll showing two-thirds of the country saying they will vote Dem this fall...

But a Democratic takeover of either the House or Senate would be disastrous for the president,...
As if letting him have everything he wanted has not been a disaster in itself.
...leaving both his agenda for the last two years in office and the chairmanship of investigative committees in the hands of the opposition party.
What's the worry? Only evil-doers need to worry about being investigated, right?

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