Friday, June 30, 2006

Russians in the Sky with Dwellings

Check out this animated visualization of a wild russian design from 1928(!) for an extremely high-rise apartment building. The only thing missing is Georgei Jetsonov and comrade Judy.

(It will play smoother the second time thru)

You can see more weird commie stuff on the Russian Utopia site.

Another reminder that the period between WWI and the economic collapse of the 1930's was a very strange and daring time in many places.

I live near a historic district in Dallas with many houses built in the 1910's-20's and every year some of them open up for a tour. Most of them are filled with the sort of traditional antiques you'd expect to see in any hollywood picture set in an old house. One of them had stuff that looked like it fell out of a 60's psychedelic Peter Max painting. Very strangely shaped, very strangely colored. I remember a set of bar stools that looked like giant Q-tips with the cotton swab part covered in flourescent red, green and blue.

But all designed and built in the 1920's, the owners said.

Another old house was memorable for the custom tilework on the floor (appearing much like the ones in this article). "Those are not swastikas", the tourguide insisted, "those are Buddhist good-luck symbols!"

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