Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hair Stylists Gone Wild!

The 1920's must have been the most incredible anything-goes decade ever. Artistic experiments were busting out all over including in film. I have no idea what Mr. and Mrs. Small Town USA thought of things like Alla Nazimova's Salome (1923)but I'm sure they were confounded by the hair at least.

Nazimova as Salome. Supposedly she brought Stanislavsky's realistic acting principles to America with her. She must have lost the suitcase they were in.

For those of you entering western civilization in the middle, Salome is the "bring me the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter" story from the Bible.

Salome's mother. This is my hair on a humid day.

The man who loved Salome...

... and the man who loved him.
Do I need to mention this film is based on the play by Oscar Wilde?

The significance of the armpit grapes is unknown to me, but the styling of this film was intended to recreate the Art Nouveau illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley .

Some guests at Herod's banquet.

"Hey, if you tilt your head to the right you can get Channel 9!"

(that line would probably have been funnier before cable.)

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