Thursday, April 06, 2006

Czech out these hats!

We hardly see much of foreign media in the USA and that wasn't any different during the cold war. But it turns out one of my favorite movies from childhood was actually made in Czechoslokavia in the 1950's.

An American distributor shot some new footage with bad doubles to make the story look like it begins in NYC, and redubbed all the dialog in english. Cesta do praveku became Journey to the Beginning of Time.

Four boys in a rowboat travel down a river that somehow takes them to the very dawn of life itself. Harrowing encounters with stop-motion beasts and puppet creatures ensue. In high-concept terms I suppose that would be pitched as Huck Finn meets Jurassic Park

I didn't notice the bad dubbing when I was seven nor did I notice the amazing headgear these boys wore on their journey thru time.

Yes, that appears to be a handkerchief tied off on the corners serving as boy #4's hat.

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twetwe2 said...

Czech out THIS hat!