Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's Jonny Quest's Fault

I'm just wondering, is Jonny Quest the reason I'm... a trombone player?

Theme from Jonny Quest

(Audio link on the page)

Hanna and Barbera claimed they wrote all the themes for their shows. Whatever, this is something that comes up surprisingly often in trombone circles.

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Anonymous said...

Hoyt Curtin was the H-B composer, and as a trombonist he delighted in creating challenges for the great session players he used. Some quotes from him before his death in 2000:

"I wrote it in a killer key because I know how to play trombone and I know the hardest place to play is on all of the unknown, odd positions. There wasn't anything open. Just murder, E-flat minor." The session players, he recalled, "Killed themselves because nobody wanted to make a mistake. Nobody wanted to get carved."

He had six trombonists in the studio for Quest, and the results speak for themselves. For my money it would be an incredible marching band song at halftime, but I suppose it would be too tough to pull off. But damn, has there ever been a kids cartoon theme that was so *hard*?