Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Las Vegas Wedding

In 2001 I flew to Las Vegas for my nephew's wedding. The ceremony was done by a professional wrestling referee and all the bridesmaids were last minute replacements because the original five refused to get on a plane two weeks after 9/11. I think the marriage lasted about a year.

My flight out of Las Vegas was late boarding. But even after everyone had gotten on board and found their seats we stayed at the gate for the longest time.

Waiting... waiting... waiting...

Eventually a flight attendant came down the aisle and spoke to a guy in the row in front of me sitting next to one empty seat.

"Your wife's ticket has been cancelled because her credit card has been declined." she said. "Would you like to come back to the gate and help her pay for her ticket?"

He seemed to consider it for about three seconds, then replied "Nah, I need to get home."

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